Asset Advisory

Summerfield Asset Advisory is a division of Summerfield Commercial Real Estate Services, a privately held company that offers fully integrated commercial brokerage, property management, construction, and asset advisory for our valued clients. Our Asset Advisory division specializes exclusively in multi-family real estate throughout the I-5 corridor of the Pacific West coast. Our leadership team has over 75 years of combined experience and knowledge in commercial real estate investment, brokerage, management, renovation, construction, and capital structuring. Our advisory program utilizes this knowledge base to provide consulting with a high level of professionalism designed to add value and achieve measurable results.

The Asset Advisory team not only has its wealth of experience and expertise but is able to utilize the other Summerfield affiliate divisions to:

  1. Directly access investment opportunities in existing multi-family real estate
  2. Upgrade existing structures
  3. Create value through implementation of our proprietary property management protocols
  4. Dispose of assets when market assessment suggests we are able to maximize returns

Our asset advisors target assets in markets where we anticipate significant rent growth, within and around major metropolitan areas where there is potential for gentrification, near sizeable college campuses, and secondary markets with a stable job base that offer higher long term yield opportunity within Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, and Idaho.

Beyond our basic experience and knowledge, our keys to success are first and foremost our values, the ability to directly source opportunities, keep a firm handle on the cost of renovation, and implement property management measures at our choosing and timing versus just hoping that hired third parties will perform.


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