Client Relationships

Summerfield gains a thorough understanding of each client’s unique goals and provides the highest level of personalized service available by developing close working relationships with our clients. Once we understand investor goals we commit to crafting and implementing a plan firmly grounded by accurate market knowledge.

This planning considers current market conditions relative to anticipated market expectations, the highest and best use of any potential property, the best timing to reposition an investment via renovations or otherwise, condition of current and future expected financing markets, and timing of disposition.

Our work ethic consists of common sense, integrity, honesty, hard work, accountability, and the employment of qualified talent. This commitment consistently delivers results.

Three basic tenets at the core of our relationships with clients include:

Alignment of Interests Summerfield advocates compensation structures that stress back-end performance fees.

Upfront Agreement on Objectives Given the highly cyclical nature of real estate, we advocate a research-driven investment plan based on mutual understanding of where within the real estate cycle the client is entering the market and hoping to exit. This framework sets expectations and informs the Investor about risks and rewards inherent to any potential investment and holds parties to a disciplined strategy.

Management Discretion Given real estate’s illiquidity and inefficiency, we believe in an active management approach where our Asset Managers can exert significant control over asset operations due to the existence of our internal management division.


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